Open Mouth, Insert Foot

This is the first post in my new blog: Random Thoughts

Recently, Jon Bon Jovi blamed the decline of the music industry on Steve Jobs. Really? Apparently, Mr. Bongiovi did not get the memo that Napster was the first real threat to the music industry’s resistance to embrace new technology. Napster shook things up when it launched in June, 1999. iTunes didn’t come along until January 2001.

Jon’s complaint is supposedly about “the experience” of getting a new release and how iTunes has taken that experience away. I don’t know if I am the exception but I was never one to buy a record, cassette or a CD based solely on what the album cover looked like. I had to hear the music before I laid down my hard earned money. (There’s nothing like laying down $15.99 and finding out that you bought one great tune and 11 stinkers.) I believe that this is Jon complaining about the decline in sales of his most recent releases. I read a couple other articles recently (sorry, but I cannot find the links) and in one, Jon was complaining that album sales were no where near what they used to be. In the other, he complained that he hadn’t made one of the “Top 500 Richest” lists or something similar. It came off to me that he sounded a little ungrateful for what he does have.

My thoughts on the reason his album sales aren’t what they used to be are simple. He’s not what the general public is consuming these days. He’s been around long enough that folks are more interested in going to see his shows than buying his records. He has crossed the plateau from being “it” to being a nostalgia act. Now, I’m not dogging on that. I would love to be in his shoes and still filling arenas 20+ years after my big break. What I’m saying is that his means for generating income from his music have shifted from selling records to selling out arenas.

What do you think? Am I off base here? Are Jon & other “classic rockers” just being too whiny because they miss the old days? Post your comments below. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Now get off my lawn, you hoodlums.