My Christmas Song In The Works (Again)

Bad Girl For Christmas Album Cover
Bad Girl For Christmas Album Cover

OK, so I’ve written a Christmas song and hopefully this year, I’ll get around to releasing it as a single. The song was written some time in 2008 and some of the instruments and a scratch vocal track were recorded. After messing with it off and on for a couple of years, I’ve got the rest of the instruments recorded and a vocal track that I’m happy with. Once mixing is done (hopefully by November 1) I will release this as a single.


“It’s A Lie” Is Almost Done

I’ve been working on a song called It’s A Lie that was written by my good friend Jay Jerz. Jay let me hear a rough cut of his song and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind so I asked if he’d be OK with me recording it. (Thanks, Jay!)

As of Tuesday, November 16th, we’ve got all the vocal tracks done as well as the bass. With a little more work on the drums and guitars, we’ll be done with this one and we can go back to the song we were working on before I latched on to this one!