Review: Sideshow Romance – This Means War

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Sideshow Romance - This Means WarReleased on February 18, 2014, This Means War is the debut EP from Evansville, Indiana’s own Sideshow Romance. From the opening notes of Goodbye to the final guitar chord of Coward, this EP is packed full of melodic rock that will punch you in the throat. The music is well written and the band member performances are tight. I found myself playing this CD repeatedly in my car and on my iPod. My favorite national bands don’t even get that kind of love. While each song on this release stands on its own, all six songs flow together cohesively creating very solid album. Everyone involved in the creation of this recording should hold their heads high and stand proud. This is a fantastic EP.

This Means War was recorded at Lakeside Studio in Knoxville, TN with Grammy award nominee Travis Wyrick. The cover artwork was designed by Blaine Henry. From the sound recording to the mastering to the packaging, this is a stellar piece of work and I give it 5 stars. Well done, gentlemen, well done.

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Live streaming your show? Careful, YouTube IS watching!

This blog post is a cautionary tale about the technological capabilities of Big Brother. Here goes…

Back on April 15, 2014, I set up my video equipment at a local venue as a favor to my friend Art because it was his big night… his debut CD release show. I had mentioned to him a few weeks back that I had the capability to live stream on YouTube so he asked me to do so for him. All was well for most of the night, until the band sang Happy Birthday To You to someone who came out to see the show. About half way through their rendition, a message popped up on my laptop screen in a red banner stating something to the effect that “ContentID” identified that they were performing a song they didn’t have a right to perform and if the performance didn’t cease immediately, the stream would be terminated. YouTube didn’t even give me a chance to let them know they were in violation. Almost immediately after that message popped up, I got another message stating that the stream had been terminated. Continue reading