Meeting Gene Simmons

Me and Gene Simmons – May 5, 2018

When your podcast interviews one of the guitar players in the Gene Simmons Band and he invites you to come see the show in Ft. Wayne, IN and hang out backstage before the show, what do you say? You say, “HELL YEAH, BUDDY!” and drive 6 hours to the show! Shout out to Ryan Cook for the hookup!

Gene Signed my Asshole (CD)

Happy Holidays and So Long 2017

Don't Be A Grinch

Well folks, 2017 has been sort of a crazy year for me. I wanted to put out at least one song this year but life, as always, had other plans. On a positive note, I did pull two of my songs out of the archives and started collaborating with others to finish them. I also managed to lay down an acoustic guitar track for another original. Some progress is better than no progress. Stay tuned.