Soundcheck at the Nashville Palace (2018)

Hello there and welcome to my website. I am a man of many interests. By trade, I’m an Information Technology Manager for a public library. My primary passion is music and my all-time favorite band is KISS. I’m so much into music that I play in a band and an acoustic act, I’m co-host of a music podcast called Ages of Rock, and I’m a DJ on an Internet Radio Station called Metal World Radio. I’ve written some of my own songs and some day, I’ll get around to recording them.

When I’m not podcasting or playing music, I’m either busy with my sound company, AVL Event Services, fishing with friends, or I’m spending time with my family.

I write lyrics and invite friends to help me compose music and record songs. I also record cover songs with friends. Big Al and Friends is a result of these collaborations.

Thanks for visiting!

—Allen “Big Al” Tate